Product Care

How To Care For Your Baephire Jewelry:

Silver Care

The majestic silver color of sterling silver stays shiny and glamorous for many years, but with time, natural processes cause oxidization and tarnishing. These tips will help you to keep your silver's glow.

  • Clean your silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth. Using jewelry cloths to clean silver once a week or so will keep sterling silver jewelry shining brightly. It should remove all dark stains and oxidization, however, if the piece of jewelry has intentional dark definitions- using this cloth may remove it as well. 
  • Store your jewelry in a box, or a zip lock plastic bag. This can prevent tarnishing and from getting scratched during storage.
  • Taking a shower or washing your hands with your silver jewelry on is fine and even recommended. Water and mild soap will help keep your silver clean.
  • When doing chores and using cleaning products (for example doing the dishes), it is advisable to take off all jewelry. Harsh chemicals may harm the jewelry.
  • Swimming in the ocean or pool with jewelry is not recommended. The chlorine and salty water can damage silver.
  • During the hot seasons silver jewelry will tarnish quicker than usual, causing oxidization from sweat and humidity in the air.

Gold Plated Care

Water, lotions and cleaning products are to be avoided. It is also preferable to take the jewelry off when working out, as sweat can also affect their shine. 
Once in a while, you can clean your pieces with a soft and dry cotton or microfiber cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaner on gold plated jewelry, it is too harsh for them.